Property Appraiser Software Development

City of Jacksonville, Florida - Duval County

6-months (March-August 2019)

The City of Jacksonville sent out a bid to update their property appraisal system built in 1998.

Our goal was to use the technology available at the time to create something that would be easy for their end users to use as well as to connect to the different departments within Duval County and affiliates. 

Services Provided

Enterprise Architectural Software Development and Entity Network Framework system for the purpose of generating previous, current and future house, building, land appraisals for public record keeping.

Metrics & KPIs

Software Developed in 3 months Functional and debugged in 1 and delivered a month earlier than agreed


Generated increase in user engagement and experience

Which opened up more opportunities to continue to work with the City of Jacksonville for various other projects.

Budget: $85,000
Bid: $65,000
Labor: $50,000

It was a pleasure working with a government agency and helping the general public access a more robust and user friendly system.

This project demonstrates how even a large government organization can benefit from a small marketing and software development agency. 

“Our mission is to not only help these larger organizations, but have the ability to offer our services to the small business owners throughout the nation at reasonable prices.”