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More and more businesses pay a considerable amount of money while falling through ineffective and “cute” marketing deliverables that only confuse clients?

1. Have you ever encountered visually appealing marketing campaigns that need to be clarified?

2. Is your message not communicating well with your customers?

3. Have you wasted time and money on marketing services that are not fit and do not work for your business?

When you partner with us, you'll have all the tools to set you apart from your competitors.

Keep in mind that people need to clearly understand what you sell and how you can make their life better by what you offer.

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Every business aims to create a compelling brand message that captivates an audience, similar to enthralling movies. Stories use patterns to grab attention, much like music follows rules to sound good. Your business too. We can help you achieve it using the ReLaunch 7 Success Framework.



After clarifying your message story, our experts are ready to help you pinpoint what marketing services your business needs help with strategically. Get to customize services you want, this way you won't waste any money.



You are now equipped with the proper and practical materials to help your business grow. As time goes by, your company may need different marketing services. Don't worry. You can stop, pause, or upgrade at any time.

The ReLaunch 7 Success Framework

Combine elements from popular movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Hunger Games. Here's how it works:

The Hero

Often, in stories or movies, the main character knowingly, as the hero, has a strong and clear desire or a goal that needs to be achieved. May it be an astronaut stopping a big meteor or rescuing the earth from an alien invasion. That stirs curiosity in its audience- will the here be victorious?

Arising Problem

To become the hero, the main character needs to face a problem; hence, there is no tale to tell. Yet, it needed to have the three layers:

1. External - Can be seen or touched (Astronaut trying to stop an alien attack)
2. Internal - How the external problem affects what the hero feels. (The astronaut may feel unsure if he can stop the invasion or world destruction)
3. Moral Question - The question of right and wrong ( The astronaut to be able to stop the bomb that is about to come deals with the dilemma of rescuing the life of his loved ones or the innocent life at stake)

Appearance Of A Guide

In storytelling, characters don't usually resolve their own issues; if they could, they might not have landed in trouble. Typically, the character encounters someone experienced—a guide. This guide assists the character in overcoming challenges by providing a plan. A reliable guide possesses two essential qualities: understanding the character's fears and insecurities and having the authority and experience to lead them to success.

The Plan

Upon meeting the guide, the hero often finds themselves in a state of confusion. The guide's role is to dispel this confusion and instill confidence in the hero that their life can improve. This is achieved by providing the hero with a plan. The plan may range from a straightforward shift in perspective—encouraging the hero to think differently—to a multi-level strategy designed to help the hero triumph in a complex battle.

Call To Action

A call to action is the moment in the story when the hero is prompted to execute the plan. The call to action marks a critical juncture within the narrative—a point of crisis. Faced with a decision, the character must choose between remaining in their comfort zone or embracing the guide's provided plan. Crucially, the hero will only act on the plan when challenged; they must be prompted or "called to action."


The drama in your business story intensifies as something significant is at stake—much like an astronaut facing challenges in space.


Skilled screenwriters and novelists craft scenarios with dire consequences to heighten suspense. Without a clear understanding of the potential failures that the hero might face, audiences disengage and lose interest.

How Curated Marketing Works Well With 7 Success Framework

It's easy; every business is distinct from the marketing approach it needs. Working with numerous brands with different business natures, ReLaunch understands the need for curated marketing services, so it launched its subscription bundle marketing, where you can pick and choose the service appropriate for your brand. You can now enjoy a clear message and communicate well with your client using the RIGHT MARKETING TOOL.

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