The Carmen Hotel

Sagebrush Companies

6-month Project (2017)

Develop and execute social media marketing strategy for the Carmen Hotel located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Quintana Roo.

“The challenge of this project was low booking rates and guest satisfaction.”

Services Provided

Guest Experience Consultation

Social media content creation and management

(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Paid Social Media Ads

(Facebook/Instagram ads)

Ad Design & Testing Performance Reporting & Optimization

Community management and customer engagement

Video Creation and Development

Metrics and KPIs


Generate 15% lift in online bookings


Grow social media followers by 20% (10k new followers)


Increase in website traffic

Achieve 8x ROAS

(return on ad spend)

Budget: $10,000USD
Labor: $7,000
Monthly Ad Spend: $3,000
Revenue: $50,000

Total Sales Revenue Driven per temporary contract

Profit Percentage: 25% Total Profit: $87,500 

A combination of paid ads were effective at driving site traffic and conversions User-generated content outperformed branded content. Guest strategies were implemented and successfully executed.